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Private Lawrence

Lawrence, a.k.a. Suck Master D, is a decorated private, as in, his penis is wreathed in daisies and peppered with rainbow glitter. According to my sources, Lawrence is the platoon's dick licking go-to guy. In the service for less than a year, his mouth has already become famous division wide. Col. BlueBalls is presently considering transferring the private to his own inner entourage, being a man and commander who enjoys a quality suck. On a person note, I've had the pleasure to test drive Lawrence's oral skill-set, and yes he's the best there is at what he does, bare none.

Sergeant Stephan

Yep, he's as mean as he looks. There's absolutely no doubt about it, Sergeant Stephan is a real bastard. He takes particular joy in breaking in the rookies, or should I say, breaking in their assholes with his coke-can of a cock. Some say he got this chip on his shoulder when he was a rookie himself. As rumours have it, Stephan was the platoon bitch and was basically used as a jizz receptacle at boot camp. I don't buy this. Stephan was born a bad seed, prides himself on being one, and hence, takes great pleasure in busting angry seeds in newbie ass.

Gun Cleaning 101

Every solider has to know his gun and his buddy's gun inside and out. This is why we drill morning, noon, and night. Take these two privates, for example. Here they're practicing loading and unloading their pistols, a.k.a. their jizz loaded and slicked penises. Some may say our training is a tad unorthodox, but frankly, what we do gets the best results. Soldiers need to be ready for the realities of the field. Of course they're gonna be buggered in the bush, made to suck their commanding officer's king-sized dick, and that's exactly what we prepare them for.

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